meet the owner

Chris Cooper is the owner and founder of Cooper’s Service Company and the Clean Force Company. We are the Coopers, family of six located in Easley, South Carolina. 

Cooper’s Service Company was a company started after a corporate layoff. Chris knew he had to make the decision to file for unemployment, or get out there and provide for his family. After weeks of just spreading the word to friends and family, the company was born.

Later, former employers and friends of Chris that owned the Clean Force Company contacted him to purchase and continue their business and legacy. So January 2019, Cooper’s Service Company took over operations and continued to build.

What We Do

We love to service the homeowner. We love to serve and we believe and operate by Proverbs 22:1a “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches.”

We want to do a quality service for the homeowner, while saving them money from the big box companies.

We serve by doing all sorts of home and building maintenance, to ensure your investments are used as long as possible.

Cooper's Services...Experience It.

"A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches." -Proverbs 22:1a